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Volunteer Hours - Pending 2021 health and safety protocols/pool needs

There are several volunteer jobs you can perform to fulfill your 2 hour volunteer duties for the Sun Valley Pool. Here is a sample list of past jobs:

1.  WORK PARTY (2 hours) - This is a great way to meet your fellow pool members and really have a hand in the look and feel of your pool. Be prepared to paint, patch, plant, pluck, post, repair, and clean all those items on the pool's honey-do list.

2.  WORK PARTY CAPTAIN (1 hour) - This is a person who will work hour, but earn 2 hours as the coordinator of the work party. Captain merely has to contact the the Pool Director 3 days before the party to get a list of what needs to get done.

3.  BBQ, Furniture and WEEKEND PREP (2 hours) - Get us ready for a great weekend! Check and clean the grills, check the first aid kit, check garbage, check bee traps, sweep the turf area, arrange and wipe down all furniture. If you notice something missing or need other supplies, please mark it in the VOLUNTEER BINDER. This job can actually be done any time Thursday or Friday before 3 pm. Grab a friend and help us maintain the pool grounds on a weekly basis. A general freshening-up will keep our furniture and landscaping in great condition. The code for the supply closet is 2006.

4.  LOST & FOUND (1 hour) - Check for and report anything valuable. Leave goggles and any other important looking items at the pool, but take the rest to the nearest donation box. The pool membership will be notified of LOST & FOUND clearing out dates 1 week prior.

5.  ROLLING IN THE TRASH CANS (1 hour) -  Every Wednesday and Thursday evening our trash cans need to be rolled back inside the pool. They will be put out the night before by our cleaning service. Rolling in the cans is an ESSENTIAL job as we want to be good neighbors at the pool. Please don't forget to do complete this very important volunteer shift.

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