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Collected: $44,940.00
Goal: $250,000.00

For nearly 70 years, Sun Valley has been a home away from home to generations of member families. The experiences had, relationships formed, and memories made have become an integral part of our lives. From the solitude of quiet dawn lap swims, to the dynamic energy of a down-to-the-wall relay final, to the Friday evening hangouts that form the building blocks for lifelong friendships… Sun Valley continues to be a central part of our community: a place we consider home.

To honor the gifts Sun Valley has given us all over these many years – and to celebrate our upcoming 70th year as an association – we are giving our beloved facility a much-needed and overdue refresh. It’s time, and important to ensure that future generations of Sun Valley members and families enjoy the same beautiful benefits and opportunities as our story continues. Therefore, we are proud to present our plan to you.

Your Board has been working diligently with the City of Lafayette and Contra Costa County. This past May, the Lafayette Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve our design and we’re now finalizing building permits and soliciting construction bids.

We’ve learned a lot about our pool house over the planning process. She’s old and tired and has been working in overdrive for a remarkable amount of time. Did you know there’s actually three structures cobbled together? We also learned that our entire electrical system needs to be upgraded, and the roof is rotting. All these (and more) will be addressed during construction, creating a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable pool and team experience.

We are logistically ready to break ground, but need the financing - via member support - to kick it off. You can look forward to:

  • New Snack Shack with dual service windows: street side for swim meets, and poolside for service during practices and weekend operation
  • Remodeled restrooms with more storage lockers
  • New entrance area with ADA-compliant entry way/ramp
  • New parking lot with extra space for bike parking
  • Improved storage to keep the decks clear
  • Improvements to our filtration & water quality systems
  • 5 outside showers – no waiting!
  • Entirely new electrical service to the pool
  • All new Wi-Fi and low voltage systems
  • Enlarging the side decks, creating more space for meets, parties, & hot afternoon hangouts
  • Safety & accessibility improvements throughout
  • New garbage bin corral to keep our trash out of sight

Fortunately, we have some funds reserved for this effort; however, with all the issues we have to address, more is needed.

Our goal is to raise $250K. We have the city and county behind us, a fantastic architect, and multiple contractors lined up to bid who can start in the fall. All we need now is you.

Please support this project and let’s set Sun Valley up for the next 70 years!

Please note as Sun Valley Pool is volunteer-run, but not an official nonprofit organization (501c3), your donations are NOT tax-deductible.

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Direct donations from members

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$10,000 Gold Medal supporter
$5,000 Silver Medal supporter
$2,500 Bronze Medal supporter
$1,000 Sun Valley supporter
$500 Go Rays supporter
Every Go Rays Supporter and above will be recognized on a plaque that will be placed next to our new Snack Shack.

We take Venmo at @sunvalleypool (last four digits of phone is 8427) and checks too! Personal checks saves the pool on transaction fees so please consider this option. 

Send to:
Sun Valley Pool
P.O. Box 204
Lafayette CA 94549

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY – 10 Year Membership

We have just 10 9 8 7 6 of these unique memberships available.* For $10,000 you will receive one (1) nontransferable 10-year membership to Sun Valley Pool (including winter lap swim, November-March)!** On a yearly basis the Board considers operating costs, projected membership levels, capital expenditures, and other factors to maintain healthy operations. Membership rates generally increase annually. Your capital program donation lets you lock in your membership for a 10-year period.  All 10-year memberships will be recognized as a Gold Medal supporter at the pool.

If you’re interested in purchasing a 10-Year Membership please email

If you have questions, ideas for other ways you can support Sun Valley and this effort, or would just like to talk about how exciting this all is, please reach out to any Board member. We’d love to connect!

Thank you 

for supporting Sun Valley – past, present, and future – and for helping to secure this vision for its next chapter.

Construction update - is there is a lot going on! We've broken up the construction into 3 phases. Phase 1 is a new parking lot, entryway, ADA hardscape around the pool house, and some underground infrastructure work. We’ll also have a new garbage can barn to house our garbage cans. Lastly, we’ll say good bye to our old Snack Shack. We’re planning to break ground on Phase 1 around the beginning of February and have it wrapped up before the pool opens on April 1st

Phase 2 will be the remodel of the entire Pool house, including bathrooms and new Snack shack. We’ll need a lot of fundraising support this year in order to do this phase over the winter of ’23-’24.  Phase 3 will tear down and replace the failing back retaining wall and patio. This will create more deck space and an expanded BBQ area. 

This winter we’ll also be replacing the entire North fence of the property, installing a new secondary emergency exit gate for the pool, and conducting pool surround maintenance ( the pool will be closed and completely drained on Sunday February 19th and filled back up by March 1st for lap swimmers).

*Current members have first right of refusal before this opportunity will be extended to our extensive wait list. Don’t delay! 10-Year membership holders are still responsible for yearly volunteer fees and work hours. 

**The membership is non-refundable and may not be divided, assigned, transferred, pledged, or otherwise conveyed to any other party in any way.  Any attempted to divide, assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise convey the membership to any party shall be null and void and of no effect.  Any attempt to divide, assign, transfer, pledge, or convey the membership shall result in the immediate termination or cancellation of the membership.  The person(s) named on the membership must be aged 18 or older and shall be either one individual person, a married couple residing in the same household, or registered domestic partners residing in the same household. The membership may not be held in the name of a corporation, trust, partnership or other entity. In the event of a divorce or separation of spouses or domestic partners named on the membership, the membership, including all of its rights and benefits, will vest solely in the party awarded the membership by an agreement of separation or a decree of divorce.  The membership shall automatically terminate and cease upon (A) 10-years after the date of issuance, (B) death of the member(s), or (C) any attempt to divide, assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise convey the membership to any party.  Use of the pool and other facilities is subject to the rules applicable to the members. Use may be interrupted during the term and the term will continue to run during any interruption. All other rules regarding the membership shall be determined by the Board in its sole and absolute discretion.

Sun Valley Swimming Pool

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