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Hey Sun Valley Families!

This 2017 Summer: Group lessons will be provided to each swim team member as part of their registration! The coaches will work with groups of up to five to improve their swimming ability and stroke technique. They will have the opportunity to sign up for one group lesson each week at no charge. More information on this process will be provided closer to summer.

In addition, the Sun Valley Swim Team Coaches will offer private swim lessons to all pool members. One on one instruction is beneficial to swimmers of all levels and abilities. Sun Valley Swim Team members are also encouraged to work with their skill group (Ray group) coach since this coach will have better knowledge of the swimmers strengths and weaknesses.  

Lessons are available to team and pool members and are on a first come first serve basis. A coach's ability to provide lessons is subjected to their availability as well as pool lane availability. 

ALL LESSONS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE! Simply access http://www.signupgenius.com/ and click on the “Find a Sign-Up” Link on the top of the page. Then, type in the email of the swim coach you would like to sign-up with.



Pool Usage:

Two swim lanes will be in place throughout the swim season.

Lane 1 (North side of the pool. The lane closest to the wall) is a dedicated teaching lane. Lane 2 is a dedicated lap-swimming lane.

If no pool member is using lane 2, then lane 2 may be used for lessons until such time as it is needed for lap swimming. No recreational swimming/playing is allowed in either lane 1 or lane 2.


Payments are the responsibility of the student (and parent) and are owed directly to the Coach. 

The Sun Valley Swim Association has granted our Coaches a concession to teach lessons. They are independent contractors when teaching private lessons. In no way shall the opportunity to teach lessons invalidate, reduce or detract from their responsibilities as Sun Valley Swim Team Coaches. The Team Director reserves the right to curtail lesson availability should the lesson program interfere with team functions. The SVSPA retains the right to specify hours available for lessons.

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